Design x and big Data files

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Design x and big Data files

Post by Scanto3d » Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:39 pm

[font=]design x and big Data files [/font]

I am absolutly new to design x.
I want to Open some stl-files with 6-7gb.
The most of the Time, the stl opens, but When i Split the file into regions, the Computer crashes... so for me it’s Not possieble to work with large files..
The Computer is a Dell T5820 with a fast cpu, 128gb ram quadro p4000 with 8gb and a big nvme.t2 hdd...

How do you handle big Data??
We should do modelling of big machine parts, but i have no idea How... (with 70-80 mb stl-files everything works Fine)

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