cold play LP cover = 3d scanning

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I have made 30-40 posts
I have made 30-40 posts
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Re: cold play LP cover = 3d scanning

Post by Ermark »

In addition to Steven's post about scene with noise. Another example is shiny wire basket. It was impossible to process such noisy data, hovewer I understood that I don't need it. Rough mesh looks much better.
If you scan for an art, the processing requirements can be nonstandard ;)
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Sean Varney
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Re: cold play LP cover = 3d scanning

Post by Sean Varney »

Thats very true, A number of time with the Cycone software I have had Creatives say "Hay can we have the colour look and forget the gray points" What they mean is the return colour grading not RGB point textures.

Also I bet I could prosess that scan for ya in to a nice Poly mesh, if only you could see some of the data I have worked with lol
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