Taking Gaming to the next level with AR

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Taking Gaming to the next level with AR

Post by Matt Young » Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:17 pm

Most of you will know about AR (Augmented Reality) by now, for those who dont, it is a way of superimposing a digital world onto a real world enviroment.

See some examples of the technology here.

This is the idea I have been putting to people. I dont expect to patent it or make money from it but it has been a dream of mine since the holodeck from Star Trek.

The Idea:

To create a simulation room that is suitable for multiplayer war games. The main idea is that two identical rooms exist with various physical obstacles within them, each room has a number of players within, the players on both teams see the same battlefield enviroment. When a player on team A shoots a player from team B the player on team B knows they have been shot by means of a feed back suit and an alarm sound. Players on team A will see players from team B as digital characters and the same goes for players on team B looking at players from team A. The players positions will be tracked within each room and updated to the simulation in the opposite room. alternately one team could play in one room against the computer.

The basis for using AR is that the enviroment that surrounds the players will be much like the enviroments seen now on console games, and can be replaced with other similar enviroments without changing the entire physical set. It will be like VR but with a much more physical aspect for the players.

To create an exact enviroment that fits with the simulation I would look at using laser scanning technology to record the dimensions of the rooms physical objects and aid the construction of the digital model.

I love multiplayer gaming and I think I am one of the first to think of it this way :ugeek:

Maybe a use for demonstrating point clouds this way as well, maybe a thousand uses...
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