Best way to place a vehicle in a scene

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I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Best way to place a vehicle in a scene

Post by PDePoister »

I have a scan of a crime scene with two involved vehicles with bullet holes in them and two other scans of these same vehicles taken at the tow yard with trajectory rods placed (3 projects total). I would like to demonstrate the trajectories on the vehicles at the scene so we can get an idea of the number of shooters. What is the best workflow for this type of situation? I'm assuming that I need to import the vehicles from the projects with the trajectory rods placed into the crime scene project but I've never done this. I'm using FARO scanners and I have FARO Scene and Zone3D. I looked in previous posts and found something from 2012: ... =49&t=4941

Hopefully, there's a better way to accomplish this with more modern versions of the software. Any help would be appreciated!!


Paul D

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Re: Best way to place a vehicle in a scene

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Not massively familiar with Scene myself, but I guess if the scans are coordinated, you could just 'drop' them into each other? If there is overlapping data, you could align the two different data sets, though I guess this isn't the case if it was scanned at the scene then in the yard

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Re: Best way to place a vehicle in a scene

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Just saw this now, but if you want to contact me, I think I can assist...I am trying to avoid a looong post.


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