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Re: Latest Scan to BIM software

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Hi Renee,

Unfortunately I don't have much experience with topology. I believe even Edgewise has topology so you might want to give it a shot. BTW did you encounter any problem with topology in Pointsense?

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Re: Latest Scan to BIM software

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tomii7 wrote:
Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:54 pm

Theoretically you can stay only with your one of the newest REVIT versions.

Stand-alone Revit without plugins is good also. Plugins are very powerfull when your machine is standard or weak computer spec.
Sometimes also is better to stay with client spec and use only Revit without plugins. This magic software doesn't like 'big' coordinates, so at this point working with national grids is tricky but can work nicely.

Also other LSF members explained advantages and disadvantages of plugins. As A LEICA user I can recommend Cloudworx. It has built a few nice options.
Thanks Tomasz, I tend to agree.

Cloudworx seems to be the fastest way of getting the point cloud into Revit/CAD with low latency - nothing else can work directly with LGS.

A-Built seems to be the most versatile with many tools, while Edgewise has high throughput with its semi-automatic MEP & structural extraction. Each add-in has its place, it just needs integrating with your workflow considering which registration software is used.

I think I'll stick with Cloudworx so I can model as fast as I want without having to wait for E57 or Recap conversion.

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Re: Latest Scan to BIM software

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ask your local Leica supplier or Phil Marsh or Paul Burrows. They happy to assist with various Leica products and Leica specific workflows.
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