Suggestions on Modeling method.

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Re: Suggestions on Modeling method.

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From a modelling perspective don't get hung up on accuracy .. a surveyor using a tape/total station would assume walls are plumb and straight for example - you would get two points on the wall and join with a line.

Just because you now have 50,000 points on a wall that fully describes it - you need to look past that 30mm bend or the 89.2 degree vertical plane. If you worry about every little bend you will be there forever.

In cyclone - another handy tip is finding the intersections of planes to create vertices .. join the vertices with lines.

Or outsource it overseas ;-p Not sure this would work for an assignment, but this is what happens in the real world.

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Re: Suggestions on Modeling method.

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[quote="stockholmscan"]Dear all,

I have got an assignment to scan an old apartment and build 3D models of it. The 3D model will be used for renovation, basically for architects to generate 2d drawings wherever they want, for instance, to fit in a diswasher, refredge, etc.

The features to be modeled are i.e, floors, walls, windows, fireplace, attic, wooden beams, etc. I tried to do it in Cyclone while found it very difficult.

1, the tilted walls are not on the same plane, the ¨Region grow¨ and ¨fit fenced patch¨ never worked. I need to devide the wall into many small pieces to fit the clouds as close as possible. I have cloudworx for autocad, but not farmiliar with modeling with autocad, will it be easier to do it in autocad?

2, we have microstation as well, but what ashame, I never tried it. What is the best software for a ¨beautiful¨ complete model for architects?


Hello stockholmscan,

This is something that my firm does on a regular basis. If you would like assistance please feel free to contact me,

You can find our website at:

Video here:

The first question to ask is what is the format that the client requires? We can pretty much accommodate multiple formats.

Where walls and architectural items aren't plum or have settled over time, our models will be able to accurately depict these subtle differences.

If you would like for us to quote you a price please let me know. You may find this far more profitable for you.

Kind regards,


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